Accounts Payable Auto Invoice Processing & Routing Software
versaAPAI Automated Accounts Payable Invoice Processing
versaAPAI ensures managing your incoming invoices is a standardised, automated and managed process.
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Catering For All Options

versaAPAI seamlessly logs into a Microsoft Exchange mailbox and processes the received information contained within the email, converts any attachments to PDFs, then combines all the PDFs into one. The outputted invoices can then be moved into a generic folder to be processed by the accounts payable team or alternatively sent directly versaSRS for additional processing, or directly to an ERP.

Standardises & Automates

VersaDev have developed a solution which standardises and automates the processing of all your incoming invoices received via email and outputs these invoices into the PDF file format.

Your Business Rules

The solution can be configured in a myriad of ways to suit your unique business requirements. versaAPAI is fully compatible with all versions of Exchange including Office 365.

Many organisations receive voluminous numbers of invoices either daily, weekly or monthly. When they are received they are all expected to be in a standard format for speedy processing. The problem is that this is the ideal world and we all know that things go wrong in the ideal world.
Key Features

versaAPAI is an Enterprise solution capable of handling which means it can scale to the size of your business. You don't however have to be an Enterprise level organisation to take advantage of the features of our product. The system has the ability to process in excess of 30,000 invoices per month per installation.

  • Automatically converts emails and all their attachments to a single PDF
  • Track all incoming accounts payable
  • Seamless workflow integration with SAP, Oracle, and other ERP systems
  • Multiple file formats can be converted for example JPG, GIF, DOC, DOCX and many more
  • Reduce the possibility of lost invoices or paying the same invoice twice
  • Processing reports can be generated ad hoc or automatically emailed via subscription showing management the benefits and volumes being handled each month
  • Integration with versaSRS Case Management for Processing Team - Communications & Enquiries get smarter with a fully email enabled system to deal with enquiries and link communications together to centralise, find and deal with problem areas
The Solution Can Also...

be configured to allow for multiple instances or multiple mailboxes for even higher volumes of invoice processing via its own Broker Tool. The Broker effectively handles load balancing and therefore ensures that the invoices are converted and sent to the correct output areas.

Maximise Invoice Productivity

versaAPAI also caters for custom tags within subject fields of emails, which can be used to route the generated PDF output to the relevant area as required. Too technical? Basically by prompting a designated character or prefix the invoice can be sent to a specific team or system for processing, therefore reducing the need to redirect and double handle the invoice.

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Office 2013+
Hosting Requirements

SaaS or On Premise? Both are possible. It's your choice. When your company purchases versaAPAI we provide the solution and a SQL Server database structure. Your company is responsible for providing the hosting server(s). Minimum hosting requirements are displayed here.

Client Requirements

versaAPAI outputs converted invoices to a predefined and configurable directory on the versaAPAI server. Access to these files can be provided as a network share to those requiring access to the converted files. How converted files are accessed is flexible and can be determined by business requirements.

Alternatively, versaAPAI can be configured to email processed invoices to versaSRS for further verification or sent straight to an ERP.

  • Network Share (where required)
  • Open SMTP & IMAP Ports
  • Single or Multiple Mailboxes