Solutions Overview

Our philosophy is to deliver our customers with excellence.

Basing our solutions on Microsoft's .NET framework ensures that our product line is fully scalable, up to and including, Enterprise implementations. When technology moves we are flexible enough to move at the same time.


Customer Service, Sales & Business Improvement

versaSRS is browser-delivered feature-rich and flexible Professional Services Automation software (PSA). Whether you are managing customers, business processes, assets, or leads & prospects, versaSRS is designed to support & help your business grow & run more efficiently.

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Accounts Payable Auto Invoice Tool

versaAPAI Accounts Payable Invoice processing and routing software. VersaDev have developed a solution which standardises and automates the processing of incoming invoices via email with output to a specific file format.

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Free Blogging Software

versaNote is 'Getting Things Done' software. We have integrated blogging software with an online document manager to deliver information to your employees, the public or both.

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Employee Rostering System

versaERS is a flexible and easy to use, but powerful, Web Browser delivered Employee Rostering solution. versaERS has no limits on the number of rosters, locations or staff you can record in the system.

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Health & Safety Management

versaOHS has been specifically designed, in consultation with industry-recognized OH&S consultants, to automate your Occupational Health and Safety reporting and management services.

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Integrated Meeting Management

VersaDev's Integrated Meeting Management solution offering, versaIMM, provides a single Enterprise Level point of contact for access to Meeting and Committee related information.

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Time Writing & Billing Management

versaTWB makes the job of recording time against jobs - to support either internal based charging or customer based charging - easier, more efficient and return real results in a tenth of the time compared with other processes and solutions.

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Forms Creation Tool

Forms Creation Tool is an easy to use, but powerful, Web Browser delivered Forms / Surveys publishing tool. Forms can be created and published on your own intranet or publically.

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Photo Cataloguing

This free Windows Desktop software will allow you to annotate and catalog your photos and image files. A solution that is ideal for batch updates to image libraries.

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